October 16, 2011

Kristen Stewart Co-Star has new film. Help him out.

If you liked "The Cake Eaters", and especially love Kristen Stewart's amazing performance as Georgia, then check out the new film by Jayce Bartok, screenwriter of The Cake Eaters. Jayce's new film, "Tiny Dancer", is about a famous dancer who wants to dance again after the birth of her baby.

Jayce is trying to make the film in an out of the box way by raising the film's budget with donations from family, friends, and fans like you. If you like The Cake Eaters, then go to this "Tiny Dancer" page and help Jayce make this movie. Every dollar counts, feel free to donate $1.00 in support. We need more great films out there that showcase the talents of rising stars like Kristen Stewart!

February 23, 2010

Kristen Stewart proud of Cake Eaters

"That's awesome that 'Twilight' has given my other little movies a hand," the 19-year-old actress explained. "Because I am really proud of them."

"I mean, that's amazing," the actress said, searching for words to express her gratitude. It's an occurrence that doesn't always happen, and KStew still isn't convinced that her fanbase would support any non-"Twilight" film."Who knows if that's true across the board?" she explained of "Twilight" fans clamoring to see tiny films like Robert Pattinson's "Ashes" and "How to Be," or her own "Cake Eaters."
Still, it has undeniably helped, and KStew is appreciative of the blockbuster-embracing fanbase also giving love to the stars' tiny films.

Read the full article here.

February 8, 2010

Some new old Kristen Stewart pics

Our internet robot found a bunch of Kristen Stewart pictures from The Cake Eaters premiere after-party. Not sure how Malicious Mandy's Mind found these pics but figured we'd share them with you too...

February 2, 2010

Vanity Fair will Kristen Stewart's still be "it"?

'Vanity Fair' cover girls: Which one will still be It in 10 years?

We think Kristen Stewart definitely will still be "it" in 10 years and beyond. What do you think?

Vote Here: http://bit.ly/asZnAG

January 22, 2010

Have you seen The Cake Eaters yet?

Why not? Watch it now on Amazon.com:

January 12, 2010

Kristen Stewart BAFTA nomination!

The nominees for the Bafta Orange Rising Star Award 2010 have been announced and include Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) and Carey Mulligan (An Education). The Orange Rising Star Award honours a young actor or actress whose talent has inspired popular acclaim from the British public. This is the only people’s award at the Bafta Film Awards, so get voting here. (UK Residents only)

December 31, 2009

New Year Re-Shuffling!

The Cake Eaters Re-Shuffle lives on to ring in the New Year. Thanks Chelsea U. for doing the re-shuffle at the Target in San Diego, CA. Your Kristen Stewart Cake Eaters Poster is en route. Happy New Year to all!

December 29, 2009

Exclusive Kristen Stewart Photo - Awesome Cake Eaters Fan!

This holiday season we hope you Cake Eater fans will head to your local big-box store and do The Cake Eaters Re-Shuffle. Thats all good if you live in the United States. But what if you don't? Well, check out this awesome fan pic from Lauren R. in the United Kingdom. I am sure that this is also an exclusive Kristen Stewart pic for all you K-Stew Fans!

From Lauren R:

"Dear Cake Eaters Movie,
I do not live in the US and it isn't out here yet, However I bought it off Amazon in July because I love Kristen. As I cannot do a official Reshuffle, Heres a picture of the cake eaters next to my huge poster of Me and Kristen when I met her!

Love the movie and Kristen's performance is OUTSTANDING!

Pretty please can I have a poster? :D you can post my picture :)"

She will definitely be recieving a free Cake Eaters Poster. We love our fans - keep it coming.

December 28, 2009

New Cake Eaters song not on Soundtrack?

Our Twitter scout found this great tweet yesterday night:

"RT @kicktheblow wrote a song about @KristenStewartP after watching the cake eaters. tell me what you think. http://bit.ly/4AW0dn it's called push and shove about 1 hour ago from web"

Well we like that our movie inspired an original song and we really like the song too. Thanks Sarah Richards!

Let us know what you think of the song - comment always welcome below.

    December 16, 2009

    Bite Into Kristen Stewart's Little-Seen Best Performance

    Our internet robot came across this incredible article about Kristen Stewart's performance in The Cake Eaters. Take a read:

    "Some Bella fans may have seen her in Adventureland, and some might even have ventured to appreciate her fine supporting work in What Just Happened and Into The Wild. Yet very few will have seen her best in 2007’s The Cake Eaters."

    This is a great article - read it here and pass it on. If you haven't seen The Cake Eaters yet, what are you waiting for?

    December 9, 2009

    4 Star review

    Our internet robot found this stellar review of The Cake Eaters in New Zealand. The film has just been released theatrically down under.

    December 7, 2009

    A luminous turn from Twilight star Kristen Stewart

    It's official - the Kiwis like "The Cake Eaters." Our internet robot picked up this review from the New Zealand Herald. See what they think down under.

    December 3, 2009

    Playing at a theater near you

    The Cake Eaters is plaing at a theater near you, if you live in NewZealand. Click here for more info!

    November 23, 2009

    The Cake Eaters Re-Shuffle in Rome

    The Cake Eaters Reshuffle in Rome, Georgia thanks to Amanda R. seen here doing the reshuffle at the Barnes and Noble. Thanks Amanda, your free poster is on the way!

    Kristen Stewart and Jayce Bartok picture surfaces

    Hey Cake Eaters, wanted to share a nice pic that surfaced of co-stars Kristen Stewart and Jayce Bartok. Enjoy!